What is “Gray Matter”?

Medically speaking, grey matter serves to process information in the brain, and helps to process signals created by other sensory organs. Grey matter is also generally associated with intelligence and cognitive…

Own Your Earned Media on the Web

In a recent report by Forrester Research called “No Media Stands Alone” media is broken up into three areas: Earned Media: Editorial influence of your brand, like a blog post…

Is Your Brand Having An Identity Crisis?

You know your brand from the inside out – but do you know it from the outside in? Take this quick seven-question quiz to see whether you could be in the midst of a brand identity crisis.

3 Tips to Keep a Website Redesign on Track and On Budget
3 Tips to Keep a Website Redesign on Track and On Budget

Managing a website redesign project, large or small, can quickly escalate into a second full time job. Making sure the project launches on time is always one of the most important factors in any project. While the answers may vary depending on the project, there are 3 elements in every website redesign that, if managed properly, can help keep things moving on time and on budget.