The latest iteration of Photoshop’s Creative Cloud product has a few promising features that have been widely discussed. Most notably, the addition of artboards. With the addition of artboards, you can now create large canvases that are comprised of independent working areas. Some ?of the time-saving features of art boards I’ve noticed so far are as follows:

  • Ability to quickly export artboards as a single PDF
  • Ability to?quickly export each artboard as a PNG
  • When duplicating ?layers from one artboard to another, the ?layers are automatically re-positioned?in to the new artboard, with ?proportional x, y coordinates from source the art board

How to save multiple artboards as a PDF

The first step is ?organizing?your work. Your top-most artboard layer will appear first on the PDF, so make sure your artboard ordering is appropriate before saving.

Once your work is ordered appropriately, click on the File menu, and locate the Export option. You’ll want to click the ?option to export Artboards to PDF.

Once you’ve exported, the PDF will appear in your working folder. See below for an example of a final PDF.

How to Save Multiple Artboards as separate PNGs

While saving artboards to a single PDF is great for presentation purposes, you will usually?need to save each artboard as an independent file to send off to a vendor or client. Should you need to do this, it’s very simple. Just highlight all of your artboards, right click in the layers area, and select the Export to PNG option. The files will be saved individually to the source folder, and named according to their layer name. See example below.