We have to start with a hard truth; there’s a lot of bad content on the internet. Don’t let that discourage you. Writing persuasive and informative content that prompts the reader to take action is not a talent most people have. But, as with any project, using the right tools for the right job is going to be a key to success.

Design and Content are Separate

It’s easy to get lost in the aesthetics of your website and it may often seem like the design of your site and the content are the same thing. They are actually two different sides of the same coin. Content is the meat and bones of your site. It’s what people will consume as they navigate through your site. The content communicates with and persuades your site visitors to take action. The design is the presentation of the material.

Always Start with Content 

Whether you are rebuilding your site or just giving it a refresh, the design of the site should take a back seat to your content. Determine your ultimate objectives. Discuss Goals. Focus on the intended messaging instead of the look. Your content needs to be practical, functional and clear. 

Make Google love your site

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), a big part of your success depends on your content. Length of articles, readability, tone of voice, formatting, and use of keywords all need to be considered when writing your content. Avoid common mistakes such as using too many keywords and duplicating content. SEO is complex and an ever evolving piece of the equation for your website. Consider working with an expert when you can to best optimize your content. 

Consider the Investment of a Copywriter

Remember how we said to use the right tool for the right job? Content is where copywriters excel. Often the investment of a copywriter gets left out of the web development process because it is seen as an unnecessary cost added to the budget. The reality is that this is arguably the most important piece of your site. Investing in a copywriting can consolidate and solidify the overall brand message and result in a better user experience. Professionally written content will drive a higher return on the overall investment.

We know this process can be daunting. Gray Digital Group is here to help you with your content creation. 

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