The healthcare industry has undergone digital transformation over the years, but that process was accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors across the US scrambled to figure out the best way to provide care for their patients while staying safe and maintaining the quality of care that the patients needed and deserved. 


The 2020 Investment in Digital Healthcare Efforts

In 2020 alone, Investors poured 8.4 billion into the upkeep of digital medical platforms and telehealth efforts. In addition to video software, efforts included in-home lab tests, infusions and remote monitoring. Main players in this industry include General Catalyst, Nokia, and Accenture. 


What’s Next for the Major Organizations?

Many organizations are making headway with their medical documentation and data being more accessible in the digital space. Nuance Communications has created technology that will allow doctors to send dictated notes to other medical specialists.They are also getting creative with partnerships. For example, they are in the works of partnering with Lyft to bring patients to hospitals. 

The new software being pushed out during this digital transformation will hopefully allow doctors to improve remote care and create better doctor-patient relationships even when they don’t see each other in a physical setting. 

Cloud services, data standardization, electronic medical records, and consumer grade medical devices are enabling the health industry to adapt to the modern technology age.  It is no surprise that the big technology companies are helping the medical community effectively make this change.

Technology is now reaching far beyond business and entertainment. The main players are making groundbreaking strides in the healthcare industry. The amount of changes that we’re seeing have definitely changed the landscape of healthcare and will continue to do so. 


Websites Must Keep Up

With new services, virtual options, and expansive clouds for data and records it is more important than ever to communicate with patients online. There is critical education that has to be done regarding the services being offered. Furthermore, healthcare institutions must provide an optimized digital space, and be hosted on a server that is secure and allows their site to perform well. 


How We Help With Your Digital Healthcare Needs

This is where Gray Digital Group comes in. We have extensive experience working with clinics, hospitals, and health care organizations who have expanded their offerings over the last few years. We have helped incorporate virtual care on websites, and launched successful campaigns for specific service lines. Not only that, our web development team has optimized sites for easy user navigability, and for high performance. 

Connect with us today to see how we can help your organization keep up with this digital revolution in healthcare. 



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