B2B, B2C, Bounce Rate, Redirect, Conversion Rate, CTR…wait…what??!

If some of this sounds like a different language to you, don’t worry. You’re not alone. 


It’s easy to get lost in the acronyms, terms and techno-jargon that’s associated with digital marketing. All this noise can make it confusing and even intimidating to learn about and try out new digital marketing tools and tactics. The truth is that once you get past the vocabulary, many of the described items are relatively straightforward.

Much of this vocabulary can be attributed to the breadth and depth of digital marketing and its technology roots. The terms are also vendors’ efforts to differentiate themselves and the need to describe things that simply had not existed prior. Don’t let it overwhelm you or become an obstacle to trying out new ways to market your business.

You can always Google individual terms, but we’ve found it’s helpful to proactively review digital marketing terms. Take a look at a couple of the online glossaries that we’ve identified below. Having a basic familiarity with these terms will make exploring and evaluating new digital marketing opportunities much easier.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Glossary

Marketing Terms for Business Professionals

Glossary of Online Marketing Terms


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels