Community Management/Managers: Do we take ourselves too seriously?

I have always been caught in this dilemma…when it comes to managing a brand’s community or community within a brand, what is best for the community? Who should be really managing the community? One with experience with the Message? Community Management? Social Media Management? Brand Management? The actual brand employee(s)? From the agency side, the […]

Web style guides have gone mainstream

What online guides allow, that traditional ones don’t, is much greater connectivity to your brand, in a modern format, quickly navigable from anywhere in the world.

F is for Facebook in Google’s Alphabet (I bet!)

Yep…I am talking about this very specific relationship one that has been riddled with miscues and online battles of digital lines in the sand. It was last year our health care digital team launched a Google Hangout embedded inside Facebook, since that successful has been a lot harder to pull off technologically speaking. But […]

Concerns of Auto-Pilot Mode of Scheduling, Digital Automation, and Digital Ad Buys

The time is now! Telling rich stories has become ever more important in the world of organic storytelling. It is providing a much needed balance to digital content marketing efforts inside agencies and inside organizations. With more and more access to digital marketing tools and automation, the temptation is to put more thrust behind reach […]