Who is Mrs Momma Bear?

Mrs Momma Bear Workwear is changing the rules. The everyday pleasure of being in workout clothes without being in workout clothes is here. Enjoy the comfort and resilience of your favorite yoga pants without ever having to compromise elegance or glamor. Finally, designer style, activewear comfort, and machine washable convenience all in one.  Created for the daily routine, life’s extravagances, and everything in between. Wear with love.

Meet the Designer Behind the Brand

We introduce to you Lee Evans Lee, the women who has many roles, an artist, entrepreneur, rancher, mother and the designer of Mrs Momma Bear Workwear. As a fifth-generation rancher from West Texas, she has lived the essence of work hard – play hard my entire life. Now, based in San Antonio, Texas and Aspen, Colorado you can find Lee on any given day creating in her home office, playing soccer with her son, skiing worldwide, trail running, playing with her pups, helping on the family ranch, or attending a fancy social event. In the past, this would mean multiple wardrobe changes a day and sacrificing beauty for function depending on the role. No more. Inspired by what she was missing from her own wardrobe is what led to the birth of Mrs Momma Bear Workwear. This line allows anyone who wears it to take on the day, with all the various tasks and events that come without having to compromise on comfort or style.

The Debut Collection

This line of clothes embodies what it means to be functional without losing the essence of fashion and style. Mrs Momma Bear’s first collection went live on May 18th, 2023 and is available for pre-order now. This first collection has nine different outfits that each reflect a personal touch from the designers’ life, whether it be her fun, outgoing personality that is showcased in her pieces “Going Somewhere” and “Dancing Anyone” or to her love for the ranch and western wear that is reflected in “Fringy Baby.” This collection has variety and a creative touch that is unlike anything yet, get ready to wear you workwear to the office and straight to you children’s soccer game with the comfort of you favorite athletic clothes. Check out the website and Mrs Momma Bear Workwear social media platforms to get a deeper look into the collection.

The Website

Mrs Momma Bear Workwear website just launched on May 18th, 2023. The team here at Gray Digital Group has been working along side designer Lee for many months to ensure that all the details are in tact; from photography and photoshoots, to building a sophisticated yet user-friendly e-commerce website. Navigating through the website, you can find that the Mrs Momma Bear website upholds a positive user experience that is transparent and straightforward, allowing her as an online retailers to build trust and credibility with her customers and create a long-lasting relationship.


It is only just the beginning for Mrs Momma Bear Workwear and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to partner with such an amazing client who is paving the way for a fashion brand that doesn’t compromise on comfort and style. To learn more about Mrs Momma Bear Workwear, visit: https://www.mrsmommabear.com/

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