What is SMS Marketing?

While most businesses know the benefits of growing an email list to use for marketing – more and more are taking it a step further and growing an SMS marketing list as well. In short, this means collecting people’s cell phone numbers and sending them text messages with promotional information. 

What are the benefits? 

SMS messaging allows you to send your message real-time and to create a more personal mode of communication with your customers. This is an opt-in form of marketing, where people have to agree to receive your message and give you their number. As with email marketing – you also need to provide an easy way for people to opt-out. 

Best time to use it?

The advantage of this approach is that people are more likely to see the message…and open it when it comes via text. This method works particularly well with businesses that have real-time announcements to make. For example, at the start of a flash sale, shortly before a webinar that’s starting, the day a membership is opening, or any other limited time offer.