YouTube recently provided creators access to new data that will allow them a 28 day view of channels that their audience is watching. This is important to your digital marketing strategy and offers a few different opportunities of what to do with the data. For example:

  1. Identify the common interests of your audience for future creation of your content across any video platform. 
  2. Identify the other brands your audience is watching and consider partnering with these other brands in a way that is useful to both you and your audience. 
  3. Analyze which formats your audience is responding most favorably to — and use more of that format in future videos. 
  4. Save the data for several months to see the evolution over time of how your audience’s interests change.

This ability to analyze patterns of viewing for your audience can help part of the ever evolving digital strategy and creation of your future video campaigns. 


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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels