What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a conversion intelligence platform used primarily to create landing pages for digital campaigns. A visitor lands on an unbounce landing page after clicking on a social, display, video or PPC ad. Landing pages are created for a single purpose, which is a call to action (CTA). We prefer to use landing pages instead of a web page since typically most web pages have multiple goals. We utilize Unbounce for our clients because it helps increase conversion rates, makes A/B testing accessible and can bring the overall lead cost down. 

Unbounce Acquires LeadsRX

Unbounce has recently acquired LeadsRX, a marketing performance and attribution solution. Why is this important? Well, we pride ourselves in working with both small business clients and large organizations. The acquisition will help level out the playing field for our small business clients to compete with the big commerce players. LeadsRX will help Unbounce improve the ability of it’s customers to evaluate their customer journey and further optimize ad spend by providing data including the evaluation of touchpoints across multiple channels including podcasts, streaming services, TV and radio. All at a fraction of the cost.