What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is an effective way to reach your audience in an impactful way. At Gray Digital Group, we are storytellers and social creatures. We help you find, tell, and share impactful stories with your audience through digital and social media. The tools we use to illustrate our narratives – video, photography, writing, motion graphics, and animation – are as diverse as they are effective. We approach digital communication with the dedicated rigor of documentary journalists seeking out real time stories, from inside organizations, and leveraging them to create conversations that move the needle.


Video is a powerful tool. At Gray, we use video to capture impactful moments that tell stories in your brand’s own voice. We like to create reels with heart and narratives. This helps your business engage your audience with new conversations and immerse them in dynamic content and messaging. Our video team members are master editors, always ready to deliver the perfect visual experience to your viewers whether they’re on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or somewhere else. With our experience and award-winning team we are able to create a can’t be missed, can’t be forgotten branded digital experience.


Anyone can write, right? But we’re talking about more than just adding words to a page; we’re talking about the ability to write content and then transform that content for real time distribution via blogs, Twitter updates, Facebook updates, news articles, and a host of other digital platforms that bring a narrative to life. In short, we write rich content, train people to write rich content, and then shape and curate the written word to suit the needs of the channel and the audience.

Photography (Photojournalism)

Visual storytelling is alive and well, and it’s a vital part of our process. A photojournalist who captures the right moment has instantly created a powerful brand asset that audiences can engage with and share. We find that so much can be told in one picture. Many times it speaks a message more powerful than what can be conveyed by the spoken word, video, or written text. We take pride in being on the ground to capture those moments in time to use on the fast-paced digital and social landscape.

Video Tools

GDG leverages Canon HD workflows including Canon c100, c300, 5Dmkiii, and 5Dmkiv cameras for high definition image acquisition. GDG also leverages camera stabilizing technology utilizing both the DJI Ronin MX and Osmo. Our editing workflow includes Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut X, and Avid Media Composer.