Why Use Social Media?

Social Media Strategy San Antonio | Gray Digital Group
We use social media to communicate with our friends, families and now our customers. Your customers are already logged in – and they’re already talking about you. Avoiding social media can hurt your credibility and your bottom line. But don’t just exist on social media. Use this exciting platform to provide fantastic real time customer service and give your brand a voice that stands out.

How can GDG Help You?

Gray Digital Group has teams of social media award winners, top notch brand representatives, pioneers in the digital space and thought leaders in the healthcare, nonprofit, government and corporate industries. We do more than just tweet for you. We create integrated digital plans that help you move the needle. We will listen to your goals and create a strategy with measurable outcomes. We are your partner in the digital space and we guide you through to the options that will best fit your company and the customers you are trying to reach.

More than Just Facebook

While Facebook is the leader of social platforms in terms of users (1.5 billion users per month, half of which log on every day), there is much more to social media than just a “Like”. Our experts can help you determine which platforms best help you reach your target audience. For example:

  • Need to reach moms redecorating their home? Pinterest + Facebook Ads
  • Are you a hospital looking to show your expertise? Twitter + YouTube + Facebook Health Risk Assessment Tools
  • Maybe you’re a nonprofit launching a new awareness campaign? YouTube pre-roll + Facebook organic + Instagram
  • Or perhaps a restaurant wanting to build buzz around a grand opening? Instagram + Twitter Polls to select new menu + behind the scenes video of chef making new dishes on Instagram video

The options are endless and the more creative you get, the more content people will want to see. Our philosophy at Gray Digital Group is simple: social media is a two-way conversation. Let’s make that conversation as exciting as possible.