Marketers have heard, more and more often, that Facebook’s younger audience segment, which ranges from ages 14 to 34, is on the decline. However, new research from the Cassandra Report (Fall/Winter 2013 Edition) disputes this with a new poll. 66 percent of users in this demographic report that they use Facebook regularly – often checking in multiple times a day. A new trend is emerging that shows an increase in use with older users (ages 65 and older) and that younger users may be incorporating other social media platforms with their Facebook experience.

A review of other social media networks and applications includes a very interesting metric – iTunes boasts more users than both Twitter and Instagram in the 14-18 and 19-24 age ranges, with 39 percent of 14 to 18 year olds and 34 percent of the 19 to 24 year old audience. To expand on this, is it safe to speculate the reason why is that this group prefers to listen and purchase music more than checking out what’s trending on Twitter and Instagram? Also, for these two age ranges, YouTube dominates all other platforms with 74 percent of 14 to 18 year old users and 68 percent of users in the slightly older group.

What does this mean for companies? Go by the numbers – if you’re trying to reach a target market of 65 years of age and older, Facebook ads are going to be the best way to grab their attention. For 14 to 34 year olds, YouTube is the way to go. As a twenty something myself, I have to give advertisers credit for creative and funny ads – they get me every time.

facebook infographic

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro