JilesA new year at Gray Digital Group, brings a new series to our blog: Behind the Code.

One of our very own production guys will be bringing you insights and tips from the perspective of a web developer. Before kicking off the series, let’s play a “get to know you” game with our new BFF, Jiles.


Where Are You From?
San Antonio, although I spent a significant time in Ohio when I was a kid and have traveled here and there.

How Did You Get Into Web Design?
Basically I love solving problems. I thoroughly enjoy graphic design and working with new technology. Web development allows me to work with a wide range of creative design and technical problems. I also have a low boredom threshold and the daily assault of creative problems helps to keep my brain busy. Next question!

What is Your Favorite Part of the Development Process?
Conception and planning. Although the actual technical development and implementation of new ideas is exciting. I also enjoy the typographical aspect of web, ordering information hierarchy and pushing web standards… I like just about all aspects!

Where Do You Find Inspiration?
Good question. I’ve learned to find inspiration in just about everything, including a mountain of mashed potatoes.

Pepsi or Coke?
Neither. I am 99.9% soda free. I prefer coffee, tea or beer!

What is your Holiday Wish?
To bring my 10 minute mile down a minute, and for people to embrace the fact that experience varies everywhere, including from the desktop to mobile. Design with experience in mind!


Thank you, Jiles, for playing our Q & A game! Look forward to your new series, which premiers in January.