The short answer is yes. Long gone are the days when most of your followers would actually see each of your posts in their Facebook feed.  Today, it appears that only 5-10% of your page followers actually see any one of your posts.  This percentage is called “organic reach”.  Organizations like Social Media Examiner and Hootsuite monitor organic reach and report it to have been in steady decline over recent years.

So what does this mean? In short, fewer people are seeing the posts that you are making on your business Facebook page. That in turn means fewer people have the opportunity to like and share those posts. This makes it harder to grow a Facebook audience and to leverage that audience for marketing purposes.

What’s the solution? Unfortunately, buying ads and paying to boost posts is what it takes. Pay-to-play is now the name of the Facebook game, but it’s not all bad. Facebook advertising tools have greatly improved and identifying and marketing to highly qualified customers can be accomplished relatively easily and doesn’t require a large investment.

Does this mean I should give up on posting to my business Facebook page? NO! You still want and need engaging content on your Facebook business page.  Existing customers, page fans, followers and prospective customers will visit and interact with the page. A business’s social media presence is becoming more and more important to customers and prospects as they make buying decisions. This is especially true when running Facebook ads since the first impression you make on a prospective customer could be through that ad.

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