We’re half way through 2022! So, what are the 2022 digital marketing trends that we’re seeing? And…are they effective? Here we share some highlights of trends in the digital marketing space.

1. The use of LinkedIn is hot, hot, hot! 

LinkedIn has been growing tremendously in recent years. What was once a bit of a boring platform seemed to find its groove and people have embraced using this platform for networking, selling and gaining brand recognition. This is especially true for small businesses. While businesses can and should have their own LinkedIn account, individual leaders from businesses are making great use of the platform by interacting with others and sharing knowledge. Storytelling is a big strategy on LinkedIn and when done correctly, can really bridge connections with potential clients in your target market. As with most social media, consistency in showing up and participating is key. 

2. TikTok isn’t going away.  

TikTok now has over one billion users! This is a video based platform and if you haven’t yet joined, that’s ok and it just points to the fact that this platform still has room to grow. In the past year TikTok overtook Google for the first time as the most popular site. If you haven’t ventured into this area with your social media strategy, now is a good time.  Per Forbes.com, “TikTok provides marketers with a level playing field when it comes to reach and engagement. Unlike other platforms, TikTok’s unique discovery algorithm gives every video an equal chance to go viral, regardless of how popular the content creator is.” We all know by now that social media is constantly evolving, so jump in while this is still the case! 

3. Websites are faster than ever. 

Companies should make sure their sites are optimized.  One thing that many businesses don’t realize is that your website’s speed makes a difference in your SEO. There are factors in addition to keywords that contribute to where you will rank in search engines and site speed is one of them. And with continuing optimization of technology, websites are now faster than ever. This means that if you are a business that is at a point where you are trying to be competitive and draw targeted traffic to your site, speed matters and you need to make sure your site is performing well in this area. 

4. Algorithms drive much of what your audience will see. 

In short, this means that the better your content is – the better it will do in the log run. SEO matters, for sure, when it comes to getting people to initially click on your site/blog/product but once they are there…you want them to stay. This will help your algorithm know WHO is interested in your content and bring more of those people! 

5. Short videos are more popular than ever. 

See info about about TikTok having one billion users! The instant access to information right at our fingertips has shortened our attention spans. We are a society that seeks immediate entertainment and results. Yet – we also still crave human connection and want to feel like we have inside scoop of everything (i.e., watching reality series). This makes short videos a great marketing tool. You can show your personality, invite people into your world…but then allow them to move on to the next one quickly. It’s a combination that people respond to! 


Which of these strategies will you spend time focusing on the second half of this year? Some of them are more easily mastered than others, but for any of them – reach out to Gray Digital Group for strategy and implementation help. 

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