As your business grows, you reach a point where you can’t do everything yourself. Nor do you want to. However, hiring outside assistance can be stressful and overwhelming. You want to be sure your hard earned businesses dollars are being spent on experts who will help you get your desired results. Whether it’s hiring a bookkeeper, an operations manager or a digital marketing agency, it’s an investment and you want it to be a solid one. 

When looking for a digital marketing agency, here are some key ways you can research and prepare to find a group that will be the right fit for your business. 


1. Check out the online portfolio of the digital marketing agency. 

Do you like the work they have done for other businesses? Have they worked with other companies that are similar in size and/or industry as your business? Have they demonstrated results?


2. Get referrals.

Ask other business owners that you respect who they have worked with. You can also ask a digital marketing agency for contact information of people that they’ve worked with so that you can talk about their experience. 


3. Ask to talk with team members. 

Digital marketing is a collaborative effort between the agency and the business. You want to be sure you feel comfortable and have a good relationship with the agency and any dedicated team member you will be working with on your business’s marketing efforts.


4. Research the specific expertise of the digital marketing agency. 

Not all agencies specialize in the same types of online marketing. Be sure to consider your specific needs (which may evolve over time) and find a digital marketing agency that has experience and offers those services. 


5. Ask questions about the data. 

Be sure to talk to the agency about the results that you are hoping for, how your marketing dollars will be spent, and what metrics you will be shown in order to work with them to make ongoing decisions. Lastly, ask about what kind of transparency to this data can be expected. 


Digital marketing agencies can work with you on anything from building your website, to developing and implementing a social media strategy, to setting up Search Engine Marketing through digital advertising and more. Take the time to research and find someone that is going to be as excited about your growing business as you are! Together, you can take your company to the next level. 


At Gray Digital Group we believe that your success is our success which is why we operate as an extension of your organization rather than a third party vendor. If you’re interested in building out a digital marketing strategy but don’t know where to start or how to fill in the missing pieces, contact us today so we can have a conversation!

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