Have you thought through this before? When I asked a group of healthcare communication professionals to define content and “good” content…we recorded some interesting feedback.

So here are my thoughts:

Good Content – From 30K Feet
1) Creates the connected theater – How can we create an interactive experience so audience forgets they are watching and listening…yet feeling (movie theater analogy)?
2) Creates a connected voice – We can identify we each other…we speak the same language.
3) Provides texture – We see/hear it, we understand the mission and it is repeatable/shareable message, making the hairs on the back of our necks stand-up.

Good Content – Tactical Level
1) Stories, pictures, video, words, information, and facts
2) It is content that brings texture to the voice of the organization/brand
3) It is an integrated approach to communication across all channels

Good Content – Framework
1) Identify good content
2) Capture then craft each message for the appropriate medium
3) Engage content for interaction & connectivity (bring them back to the campaign mothership)
4) Create a relatable experience to build community
5) Leverage content and community for action
6) Provide a relatable experience so brand advocates share repeatable message