September 16–20, 2013
NEW! SHSMD U Mini-Course
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Best Practices in Digital Marketing Strategies – New Mini-Course Format*

Get an inside look at how healthcare marketing leaders are successfully using digital channels to grow and connect with their audiences—and find out what they’ve learned along the way.

This mini-course will feature two separate webcasts followed by facilitated online discussion:

  • Pay-Per-Click and Mobile Marketing Strategies and Tactics
    Monday, September 16 | Presented by Tom Jensen
    Are you ready to plan and implement an online pay-per-click campaign on the major search engines, Facebook, and mobile?

    This webcast will cover pay-per-click marketing on Google, BING, Yahoo, and Facebook as well as mobile pay-per-click opportunities. Discover tools and techniques to implement and monitor a pay-per-click campaign using tools available online and check out actual campaign reviews illustrating successes, pitfalls, and lessons learned.

  • Social Media Marketing: Best Practices to Maximize Results in Healthcare
    Wednesday, September 18 | Presented by Michael Sengbusch and Reed Smith
    Featuring case studies and examples from some of the nation’s leading healthcare systems.
    • Designed for healthcare providers who have adopted social media as part of their daily communication strategy and want to turn it into a viable marketing channel.
    • You’ll learn about
      • Best practices in social media monitoring and policy
      • Pros and cons of consolidating your social media presence
      • Viability of newer channels like Twitter and Pinterest
      • And more!

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*The SHSMD U Mini-Course is a new opportunity for those who want more in-depth information than a single SHSMD U Webcast can provide but do not have the time or budget for a traditional two-week SHSMD U Online Course. The self-paced, online mini-course includes two prerecorded 75-minute webcasts by experts on the topic, access to an online course discussion board, recommended readings to complement the webcasts, and the ability to complete the entire course in half the time of a regular SMSMD U Online Course!