Let’s talk about video marketing.

Video is one of the powerful tools used to communicate a brand’s message, personality, or even their mission. If an image speaks 1000 words then a video speaks 10,000 words. 

Video content is estimated to make up at least 80% of online consumer internet traffic in 2022. So, if you’re a business owner looking to up your digital marketing game – video marketing should be included in your strategy. In fact, websites that contain quality video content see an improvement in their SEO because people spender longer on the website. 

Here are some ways to ensure you’re starting out on the right foot with your video marketing. 


Know your goal

As you determine your overall strategy for marketing, think about your specific goal for any videos you produce. Storytelling is a wonderful way to pull people in – and video is a great way to tell your story. Using a series of videos with separate stories to reach a common goal is a great way to implement video marketing. 

Quality production makes a difference

It’s common for small businesses to try to do as much as possible by themselves, in-house. Video marketing production is an area where you shouldn’t try to cut corners. Professionals will be able to help you reach more people and portray the right message. With a solid strategy and quality production, you’re sure to see an ROI. 

Don’t make it too long!

Research shows that videos that are about 120 seconds long will capture the most attention. This means you have to be rather concise and to the point. Attention spans are short, so plan accordingly. Start off with a compelling message and build your story from there. Part of effective video marketing is being able to be efficient in your storytelling. 

Use a Call to Action

Your video should lead your audience to take the next step to becoming a customer. Whether this is visiting you website, scheduling a meeting, or making a purchase – be sure to have a clear direction. 

Analyze and adjust

Do you research, use your analytics and then adjust. There is a lot of data available regarding which platforms are most appropriate for particular audiences. Type of content, platform, timing, and frequency should all be a part of your strategy. As you look at results and engagement, adjust accordingly to see what works best for your audience. 


If you’re interested in utilizing the power of video in your digital marketing strategy, reach out to the Gray Digital Group team.

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