When it comes to designing and then building your businesses website, there are many considerations. There are also a wider range of budgets when it comes to web design. Some of the needs are based on the type of business. For example, whether you need a way for people to purchase online or not. There are also factors such as the volume of traffic a business is going to receive online and the interaction required for the site to be successful. Some businesses may need very few graphics and just a bit of text – where others may serve a more complex purpose and need professional graphic design and copywriting. 

There are, however, some critical elements that every website needs to have. The following are things to keep in mind whether building your own website or working with a professional. 

A Clear Purpose 

As soon as someone lands on your homepage, make sure they will very quickly understand what type of content they should expect and how you are going to serve them. The purpose of your business should be clear and concise near the top of the page. 

Straightforward Navigation

Work with an expert or model off of websites that you are familiar with to understand the best placement of your navigation. Names of pages and placement of your links are not the best places to attempt creativity. People like being able to quickly understand where to click next. Links such as About, Products, and Contact Information are common for a reason. These pages are what customers expect to find and are looking for. 

Responsive Design 

This is getting into a little more of the technical build of the website, but it’s important to understand. Responsive design simply means that no matter what device your website visitor is using, they will be able to view your content in a way that makes sense. The layout of your pages and the way the content and creative assets are configured needs to be dynamic enough to look good on mobile, desktop, tablet and so on. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an area that is worth investing in a professional at least annually. SEO is how your target audience is going to find your website organically when they use Google or any other search engine. You can have the most beautiful writing in the world, but without paying attention to SEO, no one will find it organically. 

A Clear Call to Action

A Call to Action (sometimes called a CTA) refers to a sentence that directs your site visitors to do what you hope they will do next. This could be “click here to schedule an appointment” or “Buy now” or even, “submit your email for more information”. Too often people forget that you need to help your potential customers know exactly how to take the next step in buying from you or working with you. Make it clear and easy for them to know how to proceed! 


Some of the above elements are easier to tackle on your own than others – but regardless, this is a great starting point if you are a new business owner looking to build your first website or for someone who is wanting to do an audit of your existing website. Digital marketing agencies, such as Gray Digital Group can help you strategize and bring your website visions to life in a way that meets all of these needs. 

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