Do you question how to maximize your social media strategy?

Do you notice that some days you post pure gold but only hear crickets? We can help. Oberlo has done the research and shared when the best times are to post in 2021. We are passing the knowledge along to you! 

With the advanced analytical technologies we now have, it is easier to track when people are on social platforms throughout the week. Because of the competitive algorithms that these platforms use, your posts don’t always get seen by your audience. By posting at the identified high traffic times, you have the best chance to reach more of your followers at one time. 

Interestingly, different social media platforms have different optimal times. Try scheduling your posts on days and times that align with the following information.

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Best time to post on Facebook

Best time to post on Instagram

Best time to post on Linkedin

Best time to post on Twitter

Best time to post on Youtube


The Gray Digital Group specializes in using data and research to create goal-driven marketing plans for social media. Let us know if you’d like to talk more about yours!

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