QR CodeQR codes are everywhere we turn now, in shopping malls, on real estate signs & even posted on street corners. These digital black squares lead consumers to videos, pictures and more information with the click of a smartphone.

Ragan.com breaks down 8 reasons your company should create a QR code to connect with consumers:

  • Video:Real estate home tours, video product demonstrations, shelf talkers, music videos, movie trailers, and even directions for assembling build-it-yourself furniture or kids’ toys.
  • Maps, geo location: What better way to give directions to restaurants, stores, events, etc. Scan the code, and the directions are in the phone and ready to go.
  • Others: Phone numbers for a recorded message or SMS opt-in.
  • Email: messages or addresses.
  • Paypal: for instant purchasing and donations.
  • Medical information: Events that load into your mobile calendar.
  • Social media:and location-based check-ins.
  • Extend:brochure and packaging information with QR codes.

These mobile gateways are a new line of customer engagement that can provide major competitive advantage. Curious about how QR codes can benefit you? Contact Us.