What is Short Form Content?

Short form content is typically quick, easy content for consumers to interact with. If words are included they are usually no more than 500. Short form content can range from Tik Tok videos, to Instagram stories, to Linkedin updates and Pinterest How-To videos. You receive hundreds of versions of short form content everyday. The ads sprinkled in between your friends’ instagram stories, the viral video you come across on Facebook of a dog being rescued, and a quick, one-scroll, email that reminds you of the swimsuit sale coming up. 

Why has it become so popular?

As advancements in technology make life more convenient for people, we end up filling our days with even more things to do. People don’t have time anymore to read long blogs and watch long videos or sift through white papers, at least not regularly. That’s why short form content has become so popular, it allows consumers to learn, engage and enjoy brands without having to invest much of their time or effort. 

Not only that but more consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices which short form content caters best to. Short term content has its benefits on the marketers side as well. Typically short form content is much easier and faster to produce. That means more content can be pushed out in a given time period. Not to mention communicating a message can be executed more effectively and efficiently through short form content than in long form content. You will get more engagement, more reach, and you’ll be able to plant that message more repetitively in your consumer’s feeds. 

Video Short Form Content

It’s worth noting that out of the different types of short form content, video content is taking center stage. A video speaks a thousand words, so one 15 sec video can do so much for your brand. We are expecting to see new creative ways to utilize short form video content in 2022. The increased shareability is one reason why short-form content is trending and proving successful. Consumers can easily share content on their mobile devices with just a few clicks. That’s not so easy to do on your desktop, and you’re also less likely to open and read a whole blog post vs a short entertaining video of a dog. 

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