There is nothing more exciting than to see one of your clients being recognized by world wide brand. I was asked to join our friends at Anderson University to watch a special announcement. On Thursday, February 12th, Apple came to Anderson University to present a special recognition.

Anderson University’s Henderson Auditorium was packed with faculty, staff, students, community leaders and they had a few special guests on stage. Two representatives from Apple came to present Anderson University with the Apple Distinguished School designation for 2014-16.

“The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for colleges, high schools and middle schools worldwide that meet criteria for innovation, leadership and educational excellence.

Whitaker said the selection ‘highlights our success as an innovative and compelling learning environment that engages students and provides tangible evidence of extraordinary academic accomplishment.’

Apple representative Pete Davis said the Southern Baptist school is the first in South Carolina to earn the designation.

‘What we’ve done here is unique,’ Whitaker said following the 30-minute presentation. ‘I’ve been told by a number of people that we’ve used the technology more extensively than any higher education institute in the South.’

In 2013, AU created the South Carolina Center of Excellence for Mobile Learning through a grant awarded by the S.C. Commission on Higher Education. The center helps train teachers across the state in use of mobile technology.”

In 2014, Anderson University partnered with Gray Digital Group to help capture stories that would be integrated into the iBook application, showcasing commitment to the Mobile Learning Initiative. These stories shared perspectives from across the campus pinpointing how mobile learning is impacting the education experience.

“Professor Diana Ivankovic, the director of the Center for Cancer Research, said the emphasis ‘has changed drastically’ the way she teaches genetics, cellular biology and microbiology.

‘We’ve been able to move content delivery (lectures, etc.) outside the classroom so that class time is reserved for discussion, debate and application,’ Fuller said. ‘In other words, we’ve ‘flipped’ the classroom inside-out. Students view lectures and videos on the iPad, so that our face-to-face seated time can focus on active forms of learning.

‘Once we adopted the new format, student satisfaction rates increased dramatically, and research showed that students were achieving course objectives more consistently,’ Fuller said.”

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