Make Sure Your Mobile Friendly:

Whether or not your site is mobile friendly, Google will be launching their new algorithm update on April 21st. Google’s new algorithm update will be focusing heavily on the mobile friendliness of your site.

The algorithm will be running on each page individually, meaning your mobile performance will not be looked at as a whole. This gives you the opportunity to choose what you wish to display on your mobile site for the best user experience, without the fear of being penalized for not having a fully mobile site.

The Mobile Age:

A mobile site is a necessity in today’s world. More users are visiting websites on mobile devices than ever before. It’s no longer good enough to have one website for all visitors. In today’s competitive online market, companies need to have a site that is specifically designed for online users. Failing to do so can cause a large decline in mobile user web experience and overall site conversions.

Test Your Site:

Visit Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to see if your website passes the test:


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