When GWT took on the Louise Batz Patient Safety Foundation as a client, we knew there would be many challenges due to the strong emotional attachment of the client. Louise Batz passed away from complications caused by medical errors, and her family started a foundation to raise patient safety awareness for both the general public and within the medical community. The site needed a personal touch to share the story of the foundation and get people interested, but there was also a large amount of information to be dispersed. The site was designed to create a feel that captured Louise’s personality, and with an easy to use navigation, patients and doctors alike can easily find what pertains to them.

In order to raise awareness and support in the community, the site utilizes a variety of social media avenues. Visitors can see the latest developments in the Media section, and a blog and community forum allows people to share their stories and additional pertinent information. GWT also set up a Facebook page for the foundation, http://www.facebook.com/batzfoundation, for further community support.

Launched at the end of April, on the year anniversary of Louise Batz’ death – www.louisebatz.org is already garnering attention and being mentioned in a variety of health-related blogs.

Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation