Rules are rules. And Facebook is the enforcer.

Like getting your fan count up through Facebook giveaways? Familiar with Rafflecopter?

Rafflecopter is an easy way to set up a giveaway widget and run it on your website or blog. You fill out a simple form, get the embed code and begin to collect entries. You get a like on your page, follow on your Twitter account, subscriber to your RSS feed – and they get 1-2-3 entries into whatever you have to offer. Also, all entries are nicely organized in a spreadsheet like fashion.

On Friday, Rafflecopter announced (will link) a few wording changes. Up until recently, visitors to your giveaway widget would see “Like XYZ on Facebook”. With a few clicks, you would have a new like on your page and they would get an entry into your giveaway.


Facebook policy does a pretty good job at separating itself from any giveaway participation. While they do not condone a “like” requirement for entry, Facebook is cool with the rewarding users for a page “Like.” With some confusion over the previous wording, Rafflecopter met with the Facebook platform policy team, and updated their service. Thus, the wording has been changed from “Like XYZ on Facebook” to “Free entry for XYZ fans on Facebook!”. Rafflecopter reports the same functionality, just a name change. And we can all be cool with that. Right?