How Can Call Tracking Help Your Business?

Call tracking helps your business track the success of any digital campaign and separate what’s working from what isn’t:

Tracking campaigns:

Call tracking takes the guesswork out of which campaign is generating leads for your business. Each campaign uses a unique phone number enabling you to keep track of how many leads come from each online campaign. Campaigns are not limited to PPC or SEO. You can also track social media and email marketing campaigns.

Categorize calls:

Someone calls your business from one of the campaigns. Great, but how do you know if it is a good lead? With call tracking, you are able to listen to each conversation and hear if they are a new lead or a returning customer who found your number online. If you have multiple locations you can track which locations receive the most or least calls and then allocate spending accordingly.

Customer service:

With so many options on services and products, customer service is becoming an increasingly important factor to separate your business from the thousands of others. Call tracking helps you monitor customer service from your employees. Listening to how employees interact with customers will help your business identify common customer service problems.

Audience insights:

You can improve your business by listening to calls and creating audience insights. You can understand which zip codes generate the most qualified leads and emphasize this area in your offline campaigns or listen to the most common questions people ask about your product or service and write a blog on the subject.

Improve Campaigns:

Ever wonder which keywords convert users to leads? With call tracking we can track each keyword, whether you are running a PPC or SEO campaign, to understand which keywords yield ready-to-buy customers. Most businesses feel they know which keywords they want to emphasize, but aren’t sure which ones qualify leads. Call tracking shows you that, plus the time of day and days of the week people call your business so you can coordinate your paid campaigns around these times.

What’s Included in Monthly Call Tracking

Call Tracking

  • Monthly report
  • Setup of campaign (up to 4 locations)
  • Connect Google Analytics
  • Connect Adwords
  • Weekly listening to calls
  • Weekly calls to leads ratio
    • Monthly insights for improvements
    • Weekly adjustment if needed
    • 320 minutes monitored per month

More Info

Call Tracking for Healthcare

Call tracking is critical to creating a successful digital campaign in the healthcare industry. It is one of the largest industries where the majority of leads call to book an appointment or ask questions rather than filling out an online form. Without tracking calls, it’s much more difficult to know if your business’ online efforts are successful.

Tracking multiple locations:

Most hospitals or doctors offices have multiple locations. Call tracking helps understand which locations receive leads.

High competition:

The healthcare industry is unique in that most people follow a different hierarchy when choosing a doctor or facility. First, they check which doctors are in network, then by location, and lastly by customer service and reviews. Two of those three factors are already set in stone but customer service is always a determining factor as to which doctor or facility the patient will choose. With call tracking you are able to improve your customer service and increase the number of returning patients.

HIPPA Compliant:

Since most patients give private information about themselves to the healthcare industry, it can be a struggle to gain insights about your patients while abiding by HIPPA and HITECH. We maintain and comply with all regulations to ensure all patient information stays confidential.