It’s no doubt that podcasts have been on the rise, in fact, podcasts are listened to everyday by millions of people. Listeners seek out entertainment, health, business and many other genres of podcasts as an outlet to educate themselves on news, companies and trends. If you’re a creator of a podcast, it’s a great way to inform others about what is happening in your business and create attention to attract new customers and continue to connect with current ones.

Podcasts are on the rise

Podcasts have continued to grow and the audiences they can reach begin to get more and more diverse as the years go by. According to the Infinite Dial, about 80 million Americans, that’s 28%, listened to podcasts weekly in 2021. Growing 17% since 2020, some may say the growth in listenership is due to more people staying home and working remotely which leads them to find a new outlet of entertainment and education. Regardless of the purpose for listening to a podcast, listeners are on the rise and new content is always needed to meet the demand.

So, what’s the benefit for your business?



Reaching New Customers

Podcasts can reach individuals in places that are near and far from where they are recorded. That’s not to say that you don’t need to market your podcast well. Advertising your podcast and securing sponsorships is one step to reach new people and that’s where partnering with a good digital marketing agency can come in play… (cough cough). Whether you are sharing business information or bringing guest speakers throughout each episode to speak over different relevant topics, the global reach that podcasts have will be able to expose your business to new people all around.


Connecting With Existing Customers

It can be a big advantage if you already have an existing client base that’s familiar with your company. You can enhance their experience with your brand and you can leverage their loyalty to help spread the word about your new podcast. It’s important to keep existing customers invested in your company – this can be done by sharing company behind the scenes stories, scopes of new products or services to be on the lookout for and giving acknowledgments to listeners. All of these strategies are great ways to keep listeners coming back and wanting more. Podcasts are also a great opportunity to give listeners “calls to action” directing them to ways that they can work with you or buy your products. 


Sharing Your Greatness

You’ve likely worked long and hard to get to where you are in your business. This means you have a journey and story to tell. Starting a podcast is a great avenue to share your story and experiences that may benefit someone else. Listeners may be interested in learning about your industry, so sharing tips, resources and lessons learned are often useful and encourage new listeners. Consumers want to trust the company whose product or service they are investing in and being as informative as possible helps alleviate any concerns they may have. Building trust through storytelling and tip sharing is a must. This also helps you establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. 


Is Creating a Podcast in Your Future?

Ready to jumpstart your way to creating a podcast? There are many ways to get started. Checkout our step-by-step process on how to start a podcast, best practices for podcasting, and tips on how to create engaging content for your podcast. Contact Gray Digital Group, if you are ready to embark on the podcast journey and talk with one of our digital marketing professionals. 

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