The first part of planning a podcast episode is sitting down and outlining what value you will be providing the listener. Your goal is to add value to someone’s life. This will keep them listening and sharing. 

Here are a few techniques that will help as you plan engaging content for each episode. 

1. Storytelling 

Sprinkle in stories to help make your point come to life and draw the listener in. It makes the listener feel more connected, gives a sense of relationship, and gives credibility to what you are talking about. Remember to have your stories outlined and practice telling them. It’s easy to go off on a long tangent when sharing a personal story. Keep it to the point while not sacrificing your personality.

2. Mirroring

Think about your listener and communicate in a way that will feel familiar to them. For example, if selling a solution to something — describe how you used to be just like them and also how your life has improved thanks to the solution. 

3. Mind’s Eye Scenarios 

Have the listener participate from afar. By asking the listener to visualize something or think about the topic/solution as applied to their own life, you are making them the center of attention for a moment. Let’s be honest, we all like to think about ourselves and enjoy feeling a part of the conversation.  

4. Strive For Connection 

Humans are all about connection. Feelings of intimacy and connection play a major role in buyer decision-making. Do not underestimate the importance of empathy in your podcast episodes. The more ways you are able to understand and share the feelings of the listener, the more you will create a bond with them to keep them coming back.

5. Figurative Language 

Metaphors, similes, and analogies all work to help make your point more clear to the listener. They also make for more relatable content which makes it easier for the listener to remember. Most times when someone is sharing something they heard or learned they will use the exact examples and analogies that were used. 


After outlining and planning your episode, think about some of the other details. 

  1. Within the episode title, and short description, give a clear and concise idea of what you will be sharing with the listener and how they can benefit.
  2. In the episode intro, provide a teaser to reel the listener in and compel them to hold out till the end.
  3. Don’t forget to wrap it up nicely. Always provide the listener with something to take away whether that is a clear solution, a call to action, or leaving them with more to think about (such as a reflection question). Whatever the takeaway, you need to give the listener some form of closure on what you just spoke about.

These techniques will help you better engage your audience and encourage them to become long-time listeners. 


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