Do you have a favorite podcast? Have you noticed that there are new ones popping up every week? It’s true – podcasting has become an incredible digital marketing opportunity for creators and marketers over the last few years making for some great selections for those of us who enjoy listening and learning! If you’re considering launching one for your own business, you’ll be interested in reading further. 

The Growth of Podcasting

The novelty is not yet slowing. Podcast advertising revenue was estimated at about $1 billion in 2021!  ( Even better, creating a podcast is relatively easy. It can be a great way to get exposure to new target audiences – and for your current audience to get to know and trust you and your expertise. The listenership of podcasts continues to rise for multiple reasons.

  •  First of all, its content that is very easy for people to consume. Someone can be driving, riding the subway, out for a jog – or even sitting at work all while listening to a podcast at the same time. If your podcast has a format and topic that your audience finds interesting, they will keep coming back for more. 
  • Secondly, a podcast is a form of digital marketing that requires organization, planning and a time commitment – but at a relatively low start up cost. 

Getting Started

So, how do you start a podcast? There are some basic steps you need to plan for when launching a podcast. 

  1. Select a Topic –

    When selecting a topic for your podcast, you should (obviously) choose something that you are interested in and will enjoy talking about to your audience and potential guests. Furthermore, if you’re hoping to attract customers and consider this content marketing for your business, you need to consider what topic your target audience will be interested consuming. Starting a podcast for your business is a piece of your digital marketing strategy and should be in synch with your overall marketing plan.

  2. Choose a Name –

    Your podcast name can be something that is fun, relevant and unique. Be sure to check for duplicates and consider what your audience will be searching for. You should try to keep it short and to the point.

  3. Choose a Format –

    Podcasts can be varying lengths, varying frequencies, can include guests, multiple guests, or just have you as the host. There are many different formats that you can choose and you may evolve over time. When you are just starting out, it’s a good idea to select one format and be consistent for awhile to see how you like it and how your audience responds to it.

  4. Identify and Secure Equipment Needed –

    You will need to do some research to determine what equipment is best for your needs and budget. You may start out with less expensive equipment and then grow and invest in some higher-end equipment. Necessities include:

    • Microphone
    • Echo-free audio earphones
    • Soundproofing panels
    • A laptop with software for recording and editing
  5. Start Recording (batch vs one at a time) –

    After you determine the format and frequency of your podcast, you’ll need to come up with a routine for recording that works for you (and your guests if applicable).  Many podcasters find that batch recording works well, meaning they set aside a couple days per month or quarter and record several episodes back to back. 

  6. Perform Podcast Editing and Publishing –

    There are professionals that can help you with this. Even though it is relatively easy to start out, the editing can take a lot of time and you also want to be sure to have episode notes that are well done and helpful to your target audience. A podcaster manager or digital marketing agency will assist you in determining the best hosting service options. 

We Can Help

As you embark on your podcast, be sure to have fun with it and let it evolve in a way that feels natural and that you enjoy. If you’re having fun with it, your audience will be able to feel the energy. Contact Gray Digital Group if you’re ready to talk to experienced digital marketing professionals about the best strategy for your podcast. 

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