We speak about social media often on this blog, but our roots remain in web design. Providing clients with a webality, where the web meets your brand’s reality, and then helping you share your online face with the world. There are 5 fundamental elements that should go into any good website. These steps insure that when people follow the social media trial back to your homepage, the consumer finds exactly what they need or want.

  • Navigation: People visit for a specific purpose and the average individual wants immediate gratification. Therefore, you have a few seconds to ensure that a potential consumer stays on your website. Make your content easy to find throughout your pages.
  • Clear Call to Action: Your above the fold banner should highlight your brands top achievements or products. Point visitors to the most important areas on your website.
  • Color and Contrast: Readability remains the most important visual interest tool. A website is your “face” to the world, so make sure they can see it clearly.
  • Content, Content, Content: Skim down the overwhelming amount of top priority products or news items to showcase. Remember, most people only scan so it is important to establish a strong content hierarchy that is clear and quick to comprehend.
  • No Clutter: Basically, nobody enjoy clutter. White space can be your friend and help to not overwhelm visitors.

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