Now that you’ve built the fan page and the fans have delivered on signing up for what you have to say, why risk is all? Here are a three practices that just might shut down your social media ivory castle.

1. Contact Information in the Cover Photo
Unfortunately, cover photos are not the place to advertise. It’s a great idea, great location but according the the Facebook TOS, they must not include more than 20% of text, price or purchase information, contact information, calls to action or references to Facebook features such as like or share.

Take pride in the fact that the user is already on your page and woo them with your intriguing content.

2. Require Entry by Facebook Activity
Among many other conditions to make a giveaway lawful, Facebook prohibits fan pages from using a Facebook feature to gain entry into any promotion. Straight and to the point, Facebook does not approve of entry into a promotion by liking a page, image, sharing a wall post or even checking in at a location. However, in these times, there are plenty social media tools around that don’t have a problem with it – such as Twitter.

3. Announcing Winners on Facebook
You may be following the rules and running your promotion elsewhere, just make sure you’re not announcing winners on Facebook.

The chances of having your Facebook page shutdown without warning is slim. Still, these are the rules as we understand them. Don’t just take our word it, check out the terms of service for yourself.

Are you interpreting the rules a bit differently? Please share your thoughts on our Facebook page.