Once again, Forbes predicted that nine year old, Ryan Kaji, would be one of the top earning YouTubers of 2020.  His channel, Ryan’s World, is still unbelievably popular.  His videos routinely get millions of views.  You can take a look at his channel here and see a sample video below.  Most of his videos are short, light hearted kid centric stories, or show him unboxing and reviewing new toys.  

This little guy’s success has caused many people to contemplate their career path decisions. It couldn’t be that hard to do this? Could it? Before you go and recruit your children, nieces, nephews or other youngsters to host your new YouTube channel, it needs to be pointed out that Ryan’s World is now a serious business operation.  What probably started out as a whimsical video or two shot on a smartphone is now supported by professional videographers, animators and digital strategists.  The result is nothing less than impressive. With tens of millions in income, advertisers are clearly willing to pay for the resulting video views and the parent’s wallets that they are attached to.  

Ryan’s World and similar channels show the value and power of targeted audiences.  It’s the value of the right message, in the right place at the right time.  

While we can’t guarantee YouTube stardom, we can help you identify digital opportunities and find targeted audiences to better position your brand, products and services. 

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