Well, to a certain degree. What’s the first question most clients ask when discussion any open forum, “Can people post something negative?”. Our response, “Negative isn’t necessarily bad”. In order to erase the look of confusion on our client’s face after this response, we quickly explain how disgruntled customers can be used to your advantage. Ragan.com put together a list of the top 5 reasons to love haters, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves:

  1. Haters Expose Vulnerabilities – The number one rule in engagement…listen. You might not like what you are hearing, but sometimes medicine doesn’t taste so great.
  2. Haters Can Be Converted – Most negative comments result from negative experiences. People want to know they have been heard and the problem fixed. Turn the complaint into a compliment for your customer service.
  3. Haters Bring Attention – Use any and all latest visibility to your advantage.
  4. Haters Publicize Frequently Asked Questions – Most complaints can be answered with a visit to your FAQ page. This is a great response tool that encourages interaction.
  5. Hates Validate Social Media Efforts – Social networks revolve around building relationships. If you have been actively pursuing this goal, you will be surprised to see how many established fans stick up for your brand.

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