The digital world it always moving forward. Always adapting and powering through the expectations of yesterday. Last week, we touched on the growth of Facebook – a social networking website that has continuously reinvented itself. Not that you needed a definition for Facebook.

Today, the spotlight is on Twitter. Where is this site going? With each design overhaul, ahem Myspace, we can expect that the platform has its’ sight set of dreams bigger than an easier interface. They are thinking big. Marketing big.

Such as:

  • How can we better design this platform such that brands want to preach from here?
  • What tools can we give brands to use Twitter as their go-to brand URL?

Alongside the priceless hashtag tool, Twitter now brings users the “header.” A simple image that better personalizes your Twitter homepage. A reason to give out your URL and not just your handle. A reason to brainstorm and think of ways to better promote your brand on Twitter with a single image upload.

Gray Digital Group Twitter Homepage

Where will this feature take your brand?

Jump in and have fun with it or sit back and watch as creativity emerges though the simple action of uploading a photo – just see how far the cover photo on Facebook has come in a few short months.