Let’s take a look at some old friends and how they have embraced a new way of life. Over the past 2 years, The Muppets have taken the digital world by storm and reinvigorated their brand. A featured film is just around the corner, and Muppets have been spotted promoting the flick on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, smartphones & through classic media.

Why is this is a big deal? A brand created in 1955 has evolved with the times. Not only have they evolved, but have succeeded with flying colors. Let’s take a look at how they are using these social mediums:

YouTube :: The Muppets are singing cover songs, promoting their movie, chatting about facebook and providing fans with a happy dose of green throughout the day.

Facebook :: Fans can choose to like the Muppet clan and their favorite characters.

Twitter :: Statler and Waldrof, inspirational muppets for all critics, run the @MuppetsStudio account.

Muppets Studio

Mobile :: Not getting enough Muppet time on your computer? Play their games!

Muppets Studio TapTap

Google + :: The Muppets jumped head first as one of the premier brands utilizing the newest digital connection. They even hosted a hangout:

Classic Media :: While social media proves to be a shining start on the stage of marketing, you can’t forget the classics. Muppets have been making TV appearances left and right…which in turn brings everything back full circle to their YouTube page.

As always, The Muppets teach us a few valuable lessons:

  • Dive In
  • Create & Share
  • Have Fun!