Search Engine Optimization is mentioned all the time – but many people don’t understand much about it other than the fact that they should implement “SEO” on their business website. The more you know about SEO, the better prepared you are to actually use it to enhance your digital marketing. Understanding the basics of SEO will help guide you even if you’re paying professionals to help optimize your content. Following are the key things you need to know about the basics of SEO:


These are the words that your prospective customers would likely use to search for information online about your services or products. You want to be sure that the words being searched are present in your online content. Effective keyword research and usage is important. Keywords should not be overused, but rather used as a focus and as a way to ensure that search engines display your content for the right searches.

Quality Content

Search engines take into account how long people generally stay on your page or website. If the search they have done to find you provides them with relevant and solid content, they will stay longer consuming the information. This is good for your SEO. The longer visitors stay on your website, the better! 


Titles should be relevant and have a keyword near the beginning of the title. As search engine algorithms analyze your website, they will review the title for those keywords in determination of relevancy for the returned list of websites. 

Meta Description

The meta description is the brief description of your webpage that will appear below the title in a Google search. The words that you choose to display here should contain your keywords and phrasing that encourages people to CLICK. 

Mobile Friendliness

It has become absolutely essential that your website is mobile friendly. A majority of people now do searches straight from their phones. In July 2019, Google changed the way they index and rank websites; they now predominantly use the mobile version of the content. Part of SEO is to ensure that potential customers will land on a mobile friendly website once they find you.


Your business’s SEO strategy should evolve and be audited routinely. It’s not enough to do keyword research and add a meta description at the launch of your website. SEO should be a major consideration each step of the way and with every piece of new content that is added to your online presence.  Reach out to the Gray Digital Group team if you are interested in ongoing SEO efforts, we would love to chat! 

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