The 10 Best Social Media Analytic Tools

As digital reach evolves, marketers are not only interested in website analytics but social media analytics as well. The growth of social media and your presence on it is now arguably as valuable as that of your website. Google Analytics provides an abundance of statistics and tracking that can help you build your marketing strategy. It’s now important to include social media analytics as well so you are reaching your target audience across the right platforms. These analytics help organizations determine which social media platforms resonate with their target audience most effectively. 

Data is key and is used to evaluate ongoing digital campaigns. Did you know that 63% of marketers are expected to discuss social ROI with their bosses to justify their spending for campaigns? Being able to analyze and prove that digital campaigns are working is important when justifying the spend. 

Thankfully there are plenty of social media analytics tools. Most offer cross-channel capabilities so you can view your campaign stats across multiple platforms. Customized reporting and templates both can provide data including impressions, engagement, reach, clicks, growth and any other stats you can think of. Third-party social media analytics tools are multi-purpose tools that will help you save time. They will also provide information for you to tweak your current campaigns as well as plan upcoming campaigns. Remember, the analytics are only useful if you take action based on the data.

The Tools


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