“1 in 5 children suffer from mental illness.”

This is a startling statistic and the very basis for the nonprofit and leading San Antonio children’s mental health advocate, Clarity Child Guidance Center’s One in Five Minds campaign. Unfortunately, children’s mental health is a topic that is often overlooked and not openly discussed. With the fear of social stigmas and general lack of knowledge or funds, many families are left in the dark when it comes tackling this difficult subject. Alongside Clarity, Gray Digital Group was able to develop a website that would support their goals of raising awareness about mental illness, break down social stigmas and increase access to treatment for children regardless of their ability to pay.

1in5 minds mobile design

Gray’s approach was to replace the site’s existing and outdated technology with modern performance of responsive design. This technology allows for users with various types of devices, whether it’s desktop, mobile or tablet, an optimal viewing experience. With minimal resizing and panning, users are able to interact with the site freely and navigate fluidly.

1in5 minds blog

Equipped with the latest version of Sitefinity, the client’s new content management system will give the Clarity team the flexibility to manage website updates on the fly. The addition of a blog provides the client with a stage in which to communicate regularly about anything from industry trends, new data & statistics to organizational updates while encouraging search engine optimization (SEO) at the same time.

With Clarity’s marketing goals in mind, Gray implemented a targeted SEO campaign to foster increased web traffic. This will ultimately help users to find the site and its valuable information much more easily. The ability to learn more about children’s mental health is one of the building blocks for the One in Five Minds campaign.

1in5 minds testimonials

Interaction was a key component for the One in Five Minds site. It is through this element that users are able to develop a deeper understanding of children’s mental health and what they can do to support Clarity’s mission. A rotating slider on the home page makes for immediate interaction and provides users with informative statistics that they can select in order to learn more about Clarity Child Guidance Center. Various social channel integration and custom submission forms allow users to share their own stories and are examples of valuable audience engagement.

Now we invite you to experience the One in Five Minds site for yourself.

Visit www.1in5minds.com.

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