The Amazing Potential of Augmented Reality Innovations from Facebook Reality Labs


Facebook Reality Labs



AR is Everywhere

Augmented Reality (AR) is being used in so many ways already — you’ve most likely used and seen it in various ways without even realizing. For example, Target, along with other retailers, have an AR feature on their app that allows you to see what a product looks like in your bedroom or on the back patio. Or maybe you’ve used the famous story filters on social media apps like SnapChat and Instagram. The Pokemon Go game is another common example. 


The Future of AR

The concept of AR has far surpassed filters and product placement though. In fact, Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) is working on developing natural, intuitive ways to interact using AR glasses. The goal is for AR glasses to see the world as we see it and allow us to interact in that world using signals from our brain and contextually-aware Artificial Intelligence (AI). FRL states that “Two of the most critical elements are contextually-aware AI that understands your commands and actions as well as the context and environment around you, and technology to let you communicate with the system effortlessly — an approach we call ultra-low-friction input.” 

The first step down this path is collecting that “ultra-low-friction input” via a wrist-band. This wrist band has the functionality to pick up on nervous signals being sent from the brain, connect them with contextualized AI and, by doing so, manipulate your environment as you see it through AR glasses. This wrist band would act like an electromyography (EMG). The EMG “uses sensors to translate electrical motor nerve signals that travel through the wrist, to the hand, into digital commands that you can use to control the functions of a device. “


How does this translate to our daily life?

Yes, this all sounds very technical and advanced…so how does it translate to our daily lives? One example — imagine walking in your favorite park, the clouds start to roll in and you wonder what the forecast is. With the motion of your finger you can “press” an invisible button in the sky to display a screen that will show you the weather forecast, with the swipe of your finger you can see the radar, and then, with the wave of your hand it all goes away. 

Another example is in the workplace. Imagine HR directors being able to send employees papers to sign that they could pull up as augmented reality documents on the desk, and sign with the movement of their finger. The signals through the wrist with this technology are so clear that EMG can understand just a millimeter finger motion.


What does this mean for advertisers?

There are big things coming in the AR world. Not only may our workplaces be changed but the way we market our products and services could take on a new, AR realm. Will ad placement be used in AR technology? Will there be new grounds to explore in the web development world? For example, responsive web design may have new challenges if people can search the web via AR technology. 

It is exciting to think of all the possibilities. One thing is for sure you will need a strategy and plan in place as new technology is introduced. You want a marketing team that is thinking ahead and ready to explore new ways to advertise, engage with consumers, and produce results. Gray digital group is passionate about purposeful digital marketing. We prioritize strategy and innovative ideas. Let us know how we can help you in this exciting new world! 



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