According to Mashable, Facebook is scheduled to launch it’s highly anticipated new structure, Facebook Graph Search, today. Before your mind shifts into overdrive thinking about where you will find your profile pic and favorite timeline posts, understand that this overhaul is not exactly an update like the others.

Facebook Graph Search is all about the ability to search anything and everything on Facebook. Protip: Check your privacy settings today and again once you see changes (and they will be obvious).

Let’s say you want to know who of your friends have been in Paris and what their favorite restaurants are. Simply type in:

Friends who have been to Paris.

The next screen will populate all of your friends who have been to Paris according to their Facebook check-ins, which is nice if you’re planning a trip. Below those results, you will notice a few prompts of “Related Searches”: My friends of friends, Places my friends have been, etc.

Want to get more specific? There’s room for that. How about:

Places in Paris, France visited by my friends

Facebook Graph search

Of course, although the ability to search friends of friends exists, you ultimately control your privacy settings and need to take a look at them after this new search tool goes live.

What will you search for? Beat Facebook to the punch and go live with Graph Search here.