McDonald’s just might supply you with the best reason yet to pull out your phone and scan that barcode. The largest fast food chain in the world recently launched new packaging that will allow diners to only be a scan away from the latest nutritional information.

But wait, you probably deleted that QR code app since you last used it at XYZ conference and then it started taking up some precious memory space.

QR codes were created as a quick and easy way to access a URL by scanning an image. However, with questionable response time on various smart phone operating systems, it was probably just easier to take a picture of the information to look it up later or type in the URL manually.

Now that McDonald’s has you sitting, you’re the perfect candidate for a QR connection.

However, the devil’s advocate in me starts to wonder:

  • Wouldn’t you want to know the nutrition information before you order?
  • Once you’ve accessed it once for your token meal, what will keep you coming back for more?

So, is McDonald’s bringing the QR code back or what?