As you know, Facebook reach has dwindled dramatically over the years. Some of this is due to increased amount of company pages and some is to algorithm finagling by the company. At Gray Digital Group, we have the pleasure of working with many many client Facebook pages and can share with you some of the tips we use to ensure the greatest possible organic reach. This blog is the first in a series about Increasing your Organic Reach.

Time of Day, Day of Week and Type of Business:

Scheduling content to go out at the optimal time of day can really help get in front of the most amount of people organically. You can find this information out through Facebook Insights under the “Posts” tab.


Our clients ?range from major nonprofits to associations to hospitals to small mom and pop shops, so are able to see the benefits to using Facebook Insights to post content during your audience’s “Prime Time”. You might think your 9-5 company is receiving Facebook views from 9-5, Monday to Friday, but you might be surprised. Below are a few screen grabs to show variance by business type and audience:

A Nationwide Cause:
This organization is very active across the nation, so you will see the peaks starting earlier in the day to account for the East Coast time and later for the West Coast people that are checking their phones before bed.


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A? Professional Association:
This is an interesting curve. ?This professional association has the typical 9-5 work flow look to it, but there is a huge peak at “bed time”. Also, notice the largest day of the week on this page is Saturday. One could argue that this is the day that they are catching up their personal life on Facebook and happen to check in on the organization page while they are at it. Although ?65% of all Facebook users are on Facebook every day, that time on site drops as the age of the user increases. The typical user for this association skews older and therefore is probably more likely to check Facebook during off-?days and do so less frequently.?

 Facebook Organic Reach

A Local Gym:
This information suggests that people are only on the gym’s Facebook page when they are working out at the gym during gym hours (5am-10pm). Check out the Monday, Wednesday, Friday peaks here as well. Engagement flat lines after 10pm. Most likely?, gym members are checking in on Facebook when they come in to take a class or work out. I would suggest posting content to your Facebook page during those peak workout times to encourage the largest reach and engagement.

 Facebook Organic Reach

Take a few moments to review your Facebook Insights page this week before scheduling your next post. Test the this method by publishing your content a few minutes (45 or so) prior to your peak reach time. Do this for a week and see how things compare. Has your reach gone up but comments gone down? Could be that your engaged group comments during a different time period. This should get your started thinking a little more about who is reading your content and when it is most ?convenient for? your audience to consume your information.