We are back from SXSW and have lots of new things to share, but first we need to address one very important change coming to the digital world. All Facebook pages, personal & business, will switch to the new Timeline format by March 30th. Take a deep breath, all will be ok, Gray is here to help.

How to Prepare:

  • Review Social Strategy – Are you loving your Facebook strategy? Meeting goals? Engaging with your community? If not, this is when you should return to the drawing board. Timeline will give give everyone a fresh start to try out new highlights and discover the best way to build relationships with your fan base.
  • Say Cheese – The new cover photo is probably the most dynamic part of Timeline. This should be an extension of your brand and give insight into who you are as a company. Put some thought into this, it is the first thing a potential new “liker” can see.

prepare for your company's Facebook page

how to prepare 2

What to Do:

  • Clean Up – Yes, this will take some time, but time well spent. Go through and clean up your history. Timeline will feature everything from the day you opened your account.
  • Sort History – Timeline missing something? You forgot to post about the grand opening all those many months ago? Add it! This feature allows you to go in and add monumental events for your company.
  • Featured Stories – Now you can feature a story, event, photo, video, you name it. Just click the little star and it becomes centered, a great way for friends to see what is important to you.

how to prepare your company

Your company's Facebook page

As always, we want to help ensure that you get the full potential out of Facebook Timeline. If you need help transitioning or coming up with cover photo ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us.