Working in and around nonprofits for decades has helped me understand just how important it is to steer our own nonprofit clients into free and low-cost options. Advertising is very important – explaining who you are and what you do is harder than it looks, so when the opportunity for FREE (yes free) advertising comes up, nonprofits should stop what they are doing and get to apply posthaste.

Google Grants?are not new, they have been around for five years available to 501c3 organizations interested in advertising for free on Google’s AdWords platform. A monthly grant of $10,000 in AdWords credits is awarded to groups that meet qualifications of the grant. This seems like an awful lot of advertising funds, but taking into account the limitations on the maximum bid per word ($2), it is very difficult to use the monthly spend unless you have a pro to assist.

A new grant option came out this past year for those with active Google Grants account that is a game changer.?Google Grantspro is now available for those that have hit the max of $9900 per month at least two months consecutively within six months, have a click-through-rate of at least 1% and meet a few other qualifications. This program offers an increased spend cap of $40,000 per month, for eligible Google Ad Grantees. This is for the pro AdWords user. The cap per bid, under Grantspro, is raised from $2 per click to $4 and your daily budget is set to $1315. This is a huge opportunity for Google Grantees ready for the next level of advertising.

As you can bet, these programs are not overtly promoted by Google. The application process is fairly straight forward and you do need to have your site set up to track conversions. If your organization is interested in learning more about how we can help you manage a Google Grant, or any other advertising plans, please let us know. Our experts are here to help.