E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for online merchants. E-commerce sites depend heavily, or solely, upon search engine results to help consumers find their products. Without search engine optimization an E-commerce site won’t reach their target consumer and will lose out on sales. E-commerce SEO allows product descriptions, prices, and images to show up in search results, helping ready-to-buy consumers see that you have what they want.

E-commerce SEO Package

  • SEO onsite audit report
  • SEO off site audit report
  • Keyword research report
  • Onsite Optimization report

Setup Includes:

  • Robots.txt file setup
  • Schema markup
  • Sitemap implementation
  • Google Webmaster setup
  • Google Analytics implementation
  • Set up goals in Google Analytics
  • Bing Webmaster setup
  • Optimize website for social sharing
  • Optimize Google Maps
  • Optimize Bing Maps
  • Optimize website code
  • Content strategy
  • Setup rank tracking
  • Optimize mobile speed
  • Optimize site speed
  • Create review strategy
  • Implement canonicalization (if needed)

Ongoing Ecommerce SEO Includes:

  • Optimize products (monthly): 10-15
  • Fixing any 404 errors
  • Correcting any broken links
  • Correcting any crawl errors
  • Optimize product images
  • Product markup
  • Rich snippet optimization
  • Structure content including H1,H2,H3
  • Create optimized descriptions
  • Optimizing internal linking structure
  • Meta title optimization
  • Meta description optimization
  • Optimize videos (if applicable)
  • Monitor backlinks
  • Optimize website code
  • Optimize mobile speed
  • Optimize site speed

Monthly Report Includes:

  • SEO report
  • Analytics report
  • Keyword rankings report

Cost Effective Marketing for E-commerce Sites

E-commerce SEO is cost-effective for online businesses because it offers long-term value. Instead of paying for ads, the site consistently ranks for target keywords, increasing its traffic for free.

Amazon Optimization

Some online businesses sell products solely through Amazon. Sound like your business model? Then you already understand how important product optimization is to your products’ visibility. We can help put together strategies to optimize all your products on Amazon. Think of Amazon as just another search engine; it uses it’s own algorithms to rank products for consumer searches. Our digital team takes this into consideration when optimizing Amazon products and pages. Contact one of our specialists to get more information on Amazon Optimization.