So my friend Dr. V has tackled a question I think many of us are trying to figure out: What is content?

He shares his thoughts (original blog post):

“Content is retrievable information that can be consumed. It’s stuff that can be heard, seen, shared, curated and commented upon.

Content is a human creation, something translated from the realm of the mind into some tangible form. This could be an idea shaped into a piece of writing or a scene uniquely captured as an image or video. The subjective process of translation is how the view of the mind’s eye becomes content.

Content is important because it positions us in an information world. It’s our real estate on the information landscape. Increasingly, our content defines us.”

So here is what I think is Good Content:

Creates the connected theater – how can we create an interactive experience so audience forgets they are watching and listening…yet feeling.

Creates a connected voice – how can we identify with each other…speak the same language.

Provides texture – we see/hear it, we understand the mission and it is repeatable/shareable message, making the hairs on the back of our necks stand-up.