Why is this relevant to you?

While some industries are more likely to be impacted than others, every company is at risk of facing an accessibility lawsuit. While in most circumstances these lawsuits are resolved outside of court, any business owner knows that can be an expensive and distracting process, taking away from your primary business responsibilities. 

In order to avoid facing an accessibility lawsuit, there have been developments in technology that help companies include everyone in their online community & presence. A large portion of “everyone” are those with impairments and disabilities. Without the proper technology installed, this population will not be able to engage with your website. 

There are several AI powered softwares that we recommend adding to your website that meet ADA & WCAG Compliance. Being able to jump ahead of your competitors and showing you demonstrate corporate responsibility can be a powerful statement. While there is no solution that is 100% perfect, these softwares will get you close and help you fine tune issues as they arise.  If you are interested in having this software installed on your website, or want more information please call us and we will get you squared away.

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